• Mebercard no public sale ○ we keep this nft rare
  • Mebercard no public sale ○ we keep this nft rare
  • Mebercard no public sale ○ we keep this nft rare



exclusive membercard
no public sale - only for giveaway or google form

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  • membercard no public sale ○ we keep ths nft rare
  • membercard no public sale ○ we keep ths nft rare
  • membercard no public sale ○ we keep ths nft rare

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About us

Louise and Fred NFT is a project built around the success of it’s real-world namesake. Established in 2015 in Munich, Germany, Louise and Fred has become one of the most high-profile salons in the country.

Now, supported by our great success, we’re hoping to make our move into the metaverse. Our ambitious plans seek to solidify Louise and Fred as one of the first and only salons in the metaverse, servicing a virtual community and offering real-world utility as a counterpart.

We’ve got some excellent collaborations planned with high-profile brands, helping us to put the Louse and Fred name on the metaverse map. Will you be joining us?


The Louise and Fred brand was built in 2015, starting out as a small salon, providing quality services to the people of Germany. But after catching public attention, and gaining coverage in some of the country’s highest-profile magazines, Louise and Fred started to take off.

Once the brand shot to the very top, there was no stopping the continuous rise. Staying in line with the trends, Louise and Fred want to take their success to the next level – the Metaverse.

Get Involved

In the real world, finding the right hairdresser can be quite a difficult task because of the level of trust involved. When you find that hairdresser, however, the respect and bond that forms is a truly important one.

This project wants to take that dynamic, and transfer it over to the metaverse to be experienced on a completely different level. A delicate process that isn’t restricted by location anymore means that celebrities and people like you and me can share something.

Louise and Fred isn’t just a generative art collection, it’s the future of digital Hair Salons.


Stage - 01
Planning - 100%
In this stage, we conceptualize our move to the metaverse, and begin planning. We’ll bring a community together on Twitter and Discord, and decide on the utility that we’ll be giving our holders and supporters.
Stage - 02
NFT Launch Membership card - 100%
We’ll release 5,000 Louise and Fred NFTs onto the blockchain, which will act as a membership card to all of our future stages.

1. There is no public sale! So we create a much stronger rarity and a much higher chance to a large increase in value for all holders!

2. You invest a real established very well known company from Germany what increases the chance for a successful future extremely because we are one of the first in this industry and our process is already extremely advanced. Of course it is an investment in the future but there is much more security to invest in a well known company.

3. A digital hair salon sounds of course absolutely crazy. Because how do you cut hair digitally. It's also more about the space we want to create. To meet special people in the Metaverse. And to see what happens here! But you buy digital clothes, pictures and much more... therefore you should also in the distant future the possibility to go to a premium beauty salon and this is where Louise & Fred comes into play.

4. in Q3 we will be dropping 10,000 different NFTs and every membercard owner is automatically in the whitelist for the whitelist sale.

5. Holders will benefit from utility provided by our partners, as well as a 25% discount across all physical Louise and Fred stores and we will open in the next years in real life some stores in other countries and for each membercard holder there is 1x cut 4 free every year and of course you are invited to every red carpet event from Louise&Fred. .
IMPORTANT no public mit for this exclusive member card!
Read on discord how you get a chance to get this amazing rare card!
Stage - 03
Planing & Producing 10 Future 3D Hair Item NFTs - 60%
Louise & Fred works on 10 special one-of-a-kind Metaverse items like extremely innovative blow dryers, straighteners and more. These should be fully usable in the Metaverse and in the future. Though the number is currently undetermined, it’s going to be great, dropping Q4
Stage - 04
NFT Hair Style Launch - 55%
Louise & Fred took inspiration from their customers and had special characters created from them. 5,000 different women and 5,000 different men of each special kind will come out and also planned in Q3.
Whitelist sale Mint date: Q3 2022 – exact date in discord
Mint date: Q3 2022
Mint price: soon
Stage - 05
Metaverse & NFT Launch - 40%
Our firth stage will see us placing our first foot into the metaverse, as we buy land in Decentraland and prepare for our future.
We’ll launch the world's first virtual hair salon. That means from now on there will be the possibility to buy your own Louise&Fred Hair Salon as NFT. It will be a beauty oasis that cannot exist in real life. From a champagne & caviar bar to extremely exclusive interiors, you will be able to walk through the store and see everything in detail. There won't be many stores to buy from, which should make it extremely rare and highly exclusive. In the future, new hair salon concepts will be available for purchase as NFT more often, but the first one will be the most exclusive. These hair salons will have a rarity scale.
We plan to launch in Decentraland too, and offer a store for users to purchase, which gives them the opportunity to own their own virtual salon and network accordingly.
Stage - 06
Physical Merchandise - 15%
To show off the Louise and Fred brand just a little bit more, we’ll be releasing a range of physical merchandise that will be exclusively available to our NFT holders. The merch will be a symbol of your support on our mission, and a chance for you to look even better!
Stage - 07
Our Future
The future of the Louise and Fred NFT project is a bright one, since they are the first so far, they are extremely ahead of other hair salons. Their creative team is working all the time on new projects and the visionary inner circle team is working out a successful future with cooperation’s partners to enter as soon as possible the first Metaverse hair salon.
We’ll also start integrating our systems with other platforms, further spreading our brand.
It’s going to be great

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